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Building trust with users through UX writing and visual consistency


September 2021



high-fidelity designs


Overview: Having revamped the site's core functionality, with new designs for the dashboard and other nutrition data tools, we wanted to better communicate our value proposition to users. The goal being to increase the signup rate. With the new design of the main home page, we wanted to focus on the following challenges:

  • How might we communicate the benefits of MFD more effectively?

  • How might we build trust about our data sources for potential users?

  • How might we entice users to sign up while showcasing features?




Main website - desktop.png



Challenge: The current copy did not fully communicate the benefits of the website with the target audience in mind.

Solution: We grouped the features into the 3 different goals we had previously explored that resonate most with users. Presenting these with more detailed descriptions and illustrations, we tried to clarify the value proposition regardless of the user persona that we were speaking to. By maintaining consistent tone and voice, and ensuring our terminology is uniform throughout, we seek to build trust with users while helping them understand what MFD has to offer.


Challenge: The site has multiple pages with redundant content regarding nutrition data, but they are not incorporated into the proposition presented on the main landing page. Moreover, the company's founding philosophy of data quality and transparency were not well communicated. Overall, the rough design also served to undermine user trust in the professionalism of the site and the quality of its data.

Solution: By applying the design system to the landing and about pages, and simplifying the messaging, the professional feel was increased. Further articulation of the data quality and an approachable About Us page, serves to focus users on the client's philosophy while building trust in the team and the product.



Challenge: The current design had multiple pages users needed to navigate to sign up for the site. The lack of visual consistency prevented users from quickly navigating page layouts.

Solution: The signup process has been combined into a single page and the flow has been reduced to a single step. The design system was applied throughout to help train users how to use the site from their first encounters.



2. Building trust through design

UX design plays a powerful role in building trust with users - new and existing. Both bringing out the right content and using a consistent design system helps make users a lot more receptive to our message.

Our next steps include:

  • Even after this conversion, the entire site will not have been fully migrated to the new design system. To promote consistency throughout, other landing pages (such as the Food List) should receive similar treatment

  • A/B testing of different design elements to test their impact on conversion

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